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Joe & Nick

Join hosts Joe Scibilia and Nick Mauro each week as they take you on a journey through time with various guests from the music and movie industry as they discuss each guest career from the beginning  to now in the form of a fun, casual conversation, always with a good hit of humor. New episodes air every Friday and can be heard on all major podcast listening platforms.

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About The Host

Joe Scibilia

Joe Scibilia is an American musician best known for as the bass player for the pop punk band Last Great Hope and the hard rock band Big Machine, a project put together by guitarist/producer Doug Kaye and AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson.

He is the creator music website CoffeeStain.com (1998-2004), which was a website dedicated to the Florida music scene.

In 2015, Scibilia had the idea to recruit various musicians across the globe to record songs he wrote. He started by co-host Nick Mauro to play guitar on a track and Last Great Hope singer, Doug Burns to handle the vocals. He liked the way the first song came out so much he asked them to do another. The trio ended up completing eleven songs including a cover a Tom Petty’s hit “Refugee”. Soon after the band agreed to terms with Boston indie label, Rum Bar Records to release a 4 song EP with the first single, “Everyday (Is Halloween) to be included on Rum Bar Records “Rocktober” sampler.