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Episode 52: Keith Nelson (Buckcherry, Songwriter, Producer)

What a pleasure it was to have a conversation with former guitarist and founding member of Buckcherry, Keith Nelson! Keith left Buckcherry in 2017 and has since been writing and producing with various artist including Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke. Keith and I have a conversation about his early days learning to play guitar, his […]

Episode 51: Katrina Weidman ( Paranormal Investigator / Portals to Hell )

It was a pleasure chatting with this weeks guest Katrina Weidman. Katrina is a veteran Paranormal Investigator and has been on shows such as Paranormal State, Paranormal Lockdown and Portals to hell with co-host Jack Osbourne. Season 3 of Portals to Hell can now be seen streaming on Discovery+ with new episodes every Saturday.  Listen […]

Episode 50: Keith Coogan ( Adventures in Babysitting, Hiding Out, Toy Soldiers, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead )

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with actor Keith Coogan! Keith is probably best known for his roles in Adventures in Babysitting and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead but Keith has also starred in other great films such as Hiding Out, Toy Soldiers, Cousins and Under The Boardwalk just to name a […]

Episode 49: John Cusimano (Fastest Land Animal, The Cringe)

This weeks guest is John Cusimano. John has been singing for the indie rock band The Cringe for many years and now has a new project called Fastest Land Animal. Fastest Land Animal has kind of an indie/punk sound and have just released their self titled debut record which is fantastic! I have a conversation […]

Episode 48: Jonathan McHugh (Music Supervisor, Producer, Director)

This week I got to site down with Music Supervisor, producer and director Jonathan McHugh. Jonathan has a great documentary called Long Live Rock…Celebrate The Chaos premiering March 11th. The film takes a deep dive into the culture of hard rock music. With intimate interviews, the leading titans of rock discuss the genre and  the […]

Episode 47: Mark Knight (Mark Knight & the Unsung Heroes, Bang Tango )

This week I was excited to have a conversation with my good pal Mark Knight. You may know Mark as the founding member and lead guitar player of Bang Tango but did you know he also has a solo band call Mark Knight & the Unsung Heroes? Their new record “Days of a Dreamer” was […]

Episode 46: Mick Sweda ( BulletBoys, King Cobra, The Hot Summers )

My guest this week is guitarist Mick Sweda. Mick started his professional musical career playing guitar for King Cobra with drummer Carmine Appice. When he left King Cobra he started BulletBoys and now he has a new musical project called The Hot Summers. It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Mick about his […]

Episode 45: Steve Bown ( Trixter, Tokyo Motor Fist )

This week our guest is Steve Brown, founding member and guitar player of Trixter and Tokyo Motor Fist with vocalist Ted Poley of Danger Danger. We had a fun conversation about his early days sitting in at a show with Ray Gillan when Steve was just 12 years old, Trixters rise to stardom, his life […]

Episode 44: Greg Chaisson (Badlands, Kings of Dust)

Bassist Greg Chaisson of Badlands and Kings of Dust is our guest this week. We had a great conversation with Greg about meeting Rob Halford for the first time, getting the call from Sharon Osbourne to audition for Ozzy, forming Badlands with Jake E. Lee as well as the challenges Badlands faced throughout their career, […]

Episode 43: Tim Gaines (Stryper, Aldo Nova)

This week our guest is Tim Gaines, bass player and co-founder of the multi platinum selling rock band Stryper.  Tim is currently playing bass for Canadian & Grammy winning rocker Aldo Nova. It was an honor to have a conversation with Tim about his musical journey from growing up in a musical and religious family, […]