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Join us each week as we bring you the best in music and movie guests and listen to their journey from the start of their career to what they are doing now. Find us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Episode 24: Anthony Corder (Tora Tora)

On this episode we had the great pleasure to chat with Anthony Corder, lead singer of the band Tora Tora. I was really excited to speak with Anthony and I was not disappointed! We spoke about his upbringing in Memphis, TN, his teaching career, and the beginning of Tora Tora up to their latest release “Bastards of Beale”.

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Episode 23: Shawn Bowen (Didges Christ SuperDrum)

This weeks guest is Shawn Bowen, Guitarist/Vocalist of Didges Christ SuperDrum. You might know Shawn from his days with the rock band Neurotica, which is where we first met him. Shawn is a talented guitarist and he also a multi-instrumentalist playing a variety of instruments. Shawn is currently working on a solo record where he will be playing every instrument! I hope you enjoy this episode of The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show.

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Episode 22: Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver, Composer)

This weeks guest is Musician/Composer Dave Kushner, Guitarist for Velvet Revolver. It was a pleasure chatting with Dave about his early years at MI with Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big), from his punk days playing with Wasted Youth and throughout his musical journey with Electric Love Hogs, and Danzig, into Velvet Revolver, the band with Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum along with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots.

Dave is currently scoring music for film and TV such as “Sons of Anarchy”, the Netflix series “F is for Family” and many others you have heard. 

I hope you enjoy listening to Dave tell his story as much as we did

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Episode 21: Jared Cohn (Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Actor)

Jared Cohn is a filmmaker who has written, directed and acted in countless movie and TV films with his most recent being Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash which depicts the fatal accident that put an end to the first incarnation of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jared discusses what it took to make this film and how it almost never happened.

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Episode 20: John McElroy (E3)

John was our first guest and now our 20th guest! This time around John had some exciting news to share. Tune in to find out the news!

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Episode 19: Steve Wacholz (Savatage, Reverence)

Our guest on this episode is “Dr. Killdrums” himself, Steve Wacholz. Steve is known for his hard hitting drum style for the band Savatage. We chat about the early days of Savatage up to the transformation into Trans-Siberian Orchestra, touring with Motorhead & King Diamond and also chat about the gun store he currently owns as well as what he has been up to these days. Please enjoy the podcast!

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Episode 18: Kelly Shaefer (Atheist, Neurotica)

On this episode we got to catch up with longtime friend and Atheist front man Kelly Shaefer to discuss the history of and current plans for Atheist, his days in Neurotica as well as his auditions for Velvet Revolver and Drowning Pool. We also chatted about our days together in Big Machine and the current state of America. Grab a cup of Joe, sit back and enjoy! Thanks for listening and please follow the show on Facebook and Instagram.

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Episode 17: Sarah Nicklin (Actress, Producer, Editor)

I first connected with Sarah when I was living in the Los Angeles area years ago. It was great to get back in touch with her to see what she has been up to. Sarah has been in numerous films, mainly of the indie horror genre such as the indie cult classic Nun Of That, Exhumed (Where she won Best Actress Award), The Disco Exorcist, The Haunting of Alice D and countless others in all genres.  Sarah also faced off against Nick in another round of RNR Coffee Show trivia. Enjoy the conversation and don’t forget to subscribe to the show and follow us on Facebook & Instagram! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 16: Roger Young (Cinder)

I first meet Roger years ago when the CoffeeStain radio show was going strong and Roger was playing in a local S.W. Florida band by the name of Jesus Gun. We would see each other out at local shows around town. Jesus Gun went on to sign a record deal with Geffen/Interscope and changed their name to Cinder. It was great to catch up with Roger after all these years and discuss the bands ups and downs, their arena tour with Creed and future plans for Cinder. Thanks for listening!

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